Diversity is the key to success. We not only offer many services but we excel at them as well. That is why we specialize in many skills and services, such as:

  • Pressure Piping Fabrication & Installation (including stainless steel and exotics)
  • Spooled Piping, Compressor Packages, and Instrument Buildings for Plants
  • Structural Steel Fabrication & Installation
  • Skids & Skid Packages
  • Oilfield Installations & Maintenance
  • Drilling Rig Fabrication & Rig Ups
    – Can supply all the components for the rig
  • Heavy Equipment Repairs · Portable Welders
  • General Welding & Maintenance
  • Manufacture of Stainless Steel Filters for Piping Systems
  • Manufacture U Bolts and Pipe Supports
  • Operate a Test Centre for CWB Testing
    CWB Test Centre Websiteweldingtestcentre.com